Papendal, The Netherlands

10th NIZO Dairy Conference – Innovations in Dairy Ingredients

To mark its 10th anniversary, the NIZO Dairy Conference will address the latest technologies and developments surrounding dairy ingredients. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for experts from academia, the dairy and food industry to interact and apply their knowledge and latest research findings of the design and manufacture of new and improved foods and dairy ingredients. The conference will bring together experts from the fields of dairy science and technology, processing, chemistry, physics, sensory, health and nutritional sciences.

Keynote Speakers and Topics

Prof. Alan Mackie, University of Leeds, UK
Topic: Modulating in vivo behaviour with dairy ingredients

Prof. Seamus O’Mahony, University College, Cork, Ireland
Topic: Isolation and characterisation of κ-casein/whey protein particles from heated milk protein concentrate and role of κ-casein in whey protein aggregation

Prof. Michael Gänzle, University of Alberta, Canada
Topic: Lactose, lactose derivatives and oligosaccharides

Prof. John A. Lucey, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Topic: Milk protein ingredient functionality: linking ingredient properties to in-product functionality

Prof. Thom Huppertz, NIZO, The Netherlands / South Dakota State University, USA
Topic: Milk proteins: controlling product-processing interactions for ingredient functionality

Dr. Mark Fenelon, Teagasc, Ireland
Topic: Utilising protein aggregation and separation technology for generation of dairy ingredients

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